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Company Spetsenergotrans -
Russia's largest operator of rail transportation
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Транспортно-логистическая компания Спецэнерготранс

АО «Спецэнерготранс» для решения логистических задач было создано дочернее общество ООО «Транспортно-логистическая компания «Спецэнерготранс». Для осуществления комплекса логистических услуг предлагаем вам обратится в ООО «ТЛК СЭТ»

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In Leo Tolstoy's novel Anna Karenina threw herself under a train at suburban stations Obiralovka. In Soviet times, this village became a town and was renamed the Railway.

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The starting point for the development of the company was transporting coal to the power stations that are part of OAO "Gazprom". In its first year of operation in the market of transport services a total traffic of 2.4 million tons. With the growth of the transport company is continuously expanding fleet of rolling stock. To date, the company operates a fleet of 20,000 cars (including 13,500 gondola).

Use in the transportation of universal rolling allows us to carry a wide range of goods. By the end of 2010 in addition to energy goods nomenclature supplemented as cargo transport 3rd and 2nd class, will not only enhance the overall transportation geography of our company, but to get effective traffic control levers of the park, designed to achieve the best financial results.

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