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WORKING PARK (rolling stock), most cash rolling stock and locomotives used on the network g. on, for the carriage of passengers and cargo. Freight RP consists of the cars in the train in motion, under local operations (loading, unloading, sorting, etc.) and off trains laden and empty, awaiting inclusion in the train. By RP arcade. cars are ranked as baggage, mail, dining cars, wagons, clubs, service cars, etc. Not included in the RP wagons economic movement (for the needs of the road) and taken out of the movement in the stock of the road and the People's Commissariat for repairs, for housing , warehouses, etc. In the locomotive RP includes all locomotives serving the trains involved in the shunting work in pushing and under outfit (set of water, fuel, etc.). From this RP excluded locomotives delivered to the reserve and the People's Commissariat of the road under repair, waiting for repair, etc. According to RP define key performance indicators of cars and locomotives (turnover, mileage, road work). RP cars and locomotives on zhel.-dor. network of the USSR annually expands and reconstructed on the basis of advanced technology and updated with new cars, equipped with automatic coupler and avtotormozami and powerful new locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, etc. According to the resolution XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b) RP rolling x. forth in the third five-year plan on b. increased by 8 thousand locomotives, 15 th passage. and 225 thousand wagons.

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